Friday, April 13, 2012

Where does the time go?

            How did it get to be mid April so fast? Seems that Spring 2012 has been a busy and exciting time with many fun projects that have allowed me the privilege of personal designs for some lovely families.  Sorry there hasn't been more time to blog.  There will be more photos very soon.  Such fun to see before and afters.  Most of all, I love seeing how changes in textures and colors bring new meaning to our homes and smiles to the families who take this leap of faith.

            The fun part is seeing things come together.  The not so much fun part is the unexpected delay of product.  I am impatient by nature and strive to do projects in a smooth and timely manner.  I guess it is still not a perfect world.  However, part of my job as a designer is to take care of the details, so my clients can just enjoy the finished project.

            Do you have any special questions?  Photos to share of a space that might need a bit of tweaking?  Just email me at:  I promise to answer .  Talk to you soon.

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