Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why Hire A Designer ?

(1)  Saves hassle and expense of working around the unexpected
          (2)  Keeps your ideas focused
                       (3)  Saves errors in space planning, color, and lighting ....

Many homeowners express a desire to work with a designer and yet are often afraid to make the call.  Design fees and project plans can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Do you need additional pieces to complete your room or an entire house furnished?  Do you need to update your home? ........  bring new color to your space?........give new life to a room?   I can provide floor plans, paint colors, and shop on your behalf for sofas, chairs, tables, flooring window coverings, lighting, accessories - whatever your heart desires

Most of all we will save you months of research, provide you personal service, create your personal style, and help you "translate your dreams into reality!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Renewal, Rejuvenation, and Optimism


So many many colors many patterns and textures to choose!   How can you renew your favorite space, bring new life to a tired room, or start all over again for a fresh look?  Making a conscious choice in terms of color and materials that satisfy our need for brighter, more positive surroundings is the first step.

You would be surprised what a difference taking the first step will make.  Sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to set a plan in motion.  Do you love the radiant quality of a sparkling ocean or crisp greens that are accented by coral pink, violet or sunny yellow?  Maybe you prefer the exotic warmth of dusty earth tones with clay, gold, brown, soft orange...........which translates easily into global inspired patterns in upholstery, rugs, and exotic shapes in furniture..  Maybe the new neutrals with a certain strength gives you a great base that translates taupe or charcoal that is livened up with vivid bright accents, dashes of color in pillows , paint or decorative accessories.

I would be glad to help you "translate your dreams into reality".  Would a consultation help you get started?

We could put together a package that will fulfill you needs -  from consult to completion.  Call 858 755-3593 or email: for a personal appointment.  Spring is here...........this is a great time to start.