Monday, November 21, 2011

Can I Make a Small Space Work?

bedroom modern bedroom

Did you know that the issue of where to place a queen size bed in a small room can be solved in an interesting and functional manner?  If the bed is placed in front of the window and large items placed on either side of the bed - like a symmetrical pair of big table lamps and symmetrical framed art - you can balance a room nicely.

Keep it simple - the old KISS theory - and clean for an effective result.  Use colors that you love and reflect your personality.

Too busy to tackle this with the holiday season upon us?  Want a one-day makeover to refresh your home for the holidays?  You can call 858 755.3593 or email ( to discuss the possibilities, have something new, and best of all have time for all the things you enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving !!  We really do have lots to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can You Glam?

Pearsons Room traditional kids

What's your style?  A new baby has so much to see and is so special watching this new life grow and develop.  This small mirrored piece not only doubles as a changing table, but gives you some very practical storage as well.  Baby will also love seeing her (or his) reflection!   Even a nursery can take on a new vibe by adding a special piece!  The room is still neutral and peaceful for both mom and baby.

It's fun to mix old and new pieces in a room..........adding a dust ruffle to the crib, or a vintage tufted chair adds a bit of sophistication and softness to the room.  The shape of a piece, textures, and colors in a room are always very personal and can be designed to grow with your most precious baby. Could a mirrored piece be used in a room with primary colors or a different theme?  Of course! With a bit of thought and creativity, your baby's room can "reflect" your personal style and be a wonderful place for sweet dreams!

Do you have questions?  Are you not sure how to make a space special?  What is your objective?  What are your favorite colors?  Do you have a budget in mind?  Consultation and conversation with a professional can help you achieve the results you want.  Do you need a bit of direction?  Do you want someone to listen to you and make it happen (do the project from start to finish)?  Information is at your finger tips...........all you have to do is ask

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Neutral Impact ...

Georgetown Townhouse eclectic bathroom

Neutrals can be fabulous - not boring!!!  Using slab limestone for the tub surround becomes a great focal point and is a nice change from more ordinary tile design.  Simplicity and beautiful texture - nature made - create a wonderful compliment for polished chrome fixtures, interesting shapes, painted finishes and personal touches.

Knowing how to combine patterns, colors and textures makes a world of difference in the outcome of any space.  It is really important to pay attention to detail.    The room in which you begin and end your day is certainly important.  Have you ever thought about how you feel when getting ready for the day?  .... how you feel when getting ready for a good night's sleep?

Working with a professional pays big dividends, and the invested dollars translate into years of comfort.  Your bath or kitchen renovation also provides measurable dollar return when selling you home.  As  they say, "be the best that you can be".  Don't you agree?   Comments always reach me at:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Symmetry and Interest

Living Room modern living room

Modern furnishings don't have to be boring.  Symmetrical rooms become interesting when we add an element of surprise or contrast.  A long slender lamp and  a short chunky one flanking the clean lined sofa feels fresh and makes the room feel intriguing and inviting. The two long windows add to the symmetry of the room and add balance to the surprise lighting.

A fun side table between the two chairs brings function and texture to a neutral space.  Did you notice the great ottoman?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Champagne Looks on a Beer Budget

Domicile id contemporary home office

A bit of creativity, great color, good balance, and lighting give a small room or work space importance.  Most of all it gives us the incentive to "get the job done" in a comfortable setting.  The right combinations of the above (color, balance, texture) give a unique flair to a personal space.

Materials used are from a variety of sources.......from Ikea to good "finds" with a bit of special fabric thrown in!  We can do it together.  Perhaps there are some special pieces - rugs, art, lamps - that could be re-purposed and combined to create a new space.  If you have a qustion or would like to invest in your personal space, feel free to email me at: