Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Wishes..........

JMS Interiors wishes you and yours a warm and loving Holiday Season
a Happy, Healthy, Joyous, and Prosperous New Year

May all your doors open wide.............may all your dreams come true..........may all of those close to you be loving and safe.   May the "New Year" bring peace and harmony to the world.

                                    With warmest wishes,    Sheila


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bold Can Be Beautiful....

Belmondo Mini Chair modern bedroom

A custom headboard with a great presence can create a special focal point for your bedroom.  The bold size with beautiful tufting and soft wings allow this bedroom to be special, and complementary textures enhance the serene yet sophisticated
space.  The upholstered base creates balance and proportion.  You would be surprised what a large piece of furniture could do for a room of average size.

Can you imagine this room in your favorite color?  .........with your favorite chair?   ........with your favorite art? Would you like to explore textures that reflect your personal style?   This would certainly be a worthwhile investment in professional help.  Scale and design for your specific room is key to a fabulous outcome.   It is what I love to do!   It is what you will love for many years!